Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Star Trek Pi

Every time we yell out, “OK Google… navigate to Velvet Melvin’s” we feel like a Star Trek character. After all, you’ve never seen Captain Kirk (or Picard) using a keyboard. If you get that same feeling, and you have a Raspberry Pi project in mind, you might enjoy the Raspberry Pi LCARS interface.

You can see the results in the video below. The interface uses PyGame, and you can customize it with different skins if you don’t want a Star Trek look.

Obviously, you’ll need a touchscreen to make the system work effectively. The library has a few configuration variables that allow you to move widgets around by touch or show a cursor for debugging.

If you crave more Star Trek projects, we had quite a few entries in our Sci-Fi contest. If none of those are hardcore enough for you, you might enjoy the Enterprise as a submarine (which predates the opening scene of Star Trek: Into Darkness by quite a bit).

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