Monday, 28 March 2016

Raspberry Pi Art Frame using OpenFrame

Digital picture frames were a fad awhile back, and you can still pick them up at the local big box store. [Ishac Bertran] and [Jonathan Wohl] decided to go open source with digital frames and create the openframe project. The open-source project uses a Raspberry Pi with WiFi and either an HDMI monitor or a monitor that the Pi can drive (e.g., a VGA with an HDMI adapter).

You are probably thinking: Why not just let the Pi display images? The benefit of openframe is you can remotely manage your frames at the site. You can push images, websites (like or shaders out to any of your frames. You can also draw on public streams of artwork posted by other users.

Openframe doesn’t store any of your artwork. It simply retrieves it from a given URL on demand. [Ishac] shows how to convert an old monitor into something that looks like a high-end frame and it is easy to think of uses for this: schools, offices, or sending Mom pictures of the grandkids remotely. You can watch his video, below.

Repurposed monitors are nothing new. However openframe is an extensible open source project, and we are curious to see where it goes over time.

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