Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Original Readme Info

The super magic interface of my personal Magic Mirror. More information about this project can be found on my blog.
Runs as a php script on a web server with basically no external dependencies.
Modify js/config.js to change some general variables (language, wather location, compliments, news feed RSS) and calendar.php to add your own ICS calendar.

My Addtions

Edit trains.js to edit the train journey you will need to know.

Main Changes

Jquery on google CDN.
Weather icons on CDN.
JS updated to show icons for weather with CDN.
Removed unsused code for dishwasher
Added train times from National Rail.
No cache of page.
Git ver check delayed by 3 mins to save pulling on device and log files.
W3C Validation fails only due to one DIV

To Do:

Ideas required.... let me know what you want.

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