Friday, 24 July 2015

Learn everything about UAVs with The Drones Book

Drones are becoming more commonplace as a fun and exciting hobby that everyone can join in with. Where do you start though? What drone should you get, how can you use it and what are the limits of what you can do with one?

Look no further than The Drones Book, your complete guide to everything to do with quadcopters, UAVs or whatever you want to call them. It has information on every aspect of the drone experience, from what to buy, where to buy it and plenty of fun tutorials on how to use it. Want to race drones? It’s got it. Deliver packages Amazon style? That’s in there as well. There’s also a couple articles from us here at Linux User & Developer on how to hack your drone, allowing you to control it with python.

You can get The Drones Book now in stores and online at the Imagine Shop.

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