Friday, 24 July 2015

Liked on YouTube: Furze's Invention show - Freezer wave

Furze's Invention show - Freezer wave
In this episode of "Furze's Invention Show" I've created an entry from the ODDKA Odd Invention Challenge of which I was a judge. The Freezerwave idea has also been mentioned in a few of the comments of previous invention shows so thanks for ideas there have been some great ones. So want to cool as well as heat well this is a hint of what such a device could be like as although this does work its more of a work in progress. More info on the comp in link below but this is a great example of how your ideas could be made a reality just by posting in the comments so get thinking i've had some great ideas from people already. If you have an idea for an invention you would like me to make then either put it in the comments or send me a message then it could be your invention on the table. To see all other episodes click on link below for full playlist.
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