Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Squeeze Slave

LMS up and running? Just one step left to turn your raspi into the best internet radio.
If you looked closely what is in allthingspi package you may had found squeezeslave, but as LMS works perfectly with allthingspi package  squeezeslave does not, so we have to do it different way.
Make a temporary directory for squeezeslave
Pick a correct version from https://code.google.com/p/squeezeslave/downloads/list depending on wheter you have soft float or hard float version. If you do not know which one to choose, you probably have a hard float version. Check it with  uname -a  command, if you have soft float your architecture will be armel, I have hard float version:
Hard float version download:
If you get a below error you can use  wget --no-check-certificate  to skip checking site certificate , assuming you know what you download and you trust this site. Downloading Squezeslave from Googlecode is safe but use this option wisely in future.
Unpack squeezesalve and copy binary to /usr/bin:
Check if it works by checking avaliable outputs:
As you can see there are a bunch of possible outputs, if you don’t have external audio card choose default, but I strongly recommend using external usb audio card, output from raspis jack is terible. I use fiio e10 (fiio.com.cn) and fiio d5 (discontinued but you can still find it in stores), superb audio quality for this price and no install required, just plug’n'play.
Download init script and copy it to /etc/init.d/
Create defaults file for sickbeard, where you can override any option you like, below my defaults with configuration that should be sufficient for most systems.
SSMAC – find it with  ifconfig  command, this is mac of your active internet interface, e.g. wlan0 or eth0.
SBHOST – hostname or IP of your LMS instalation, you can install and use LMS and squeezeslave on one raspi without any problems, in this case type localhost there.
SSOPTIONS – I choose output device with number 0 and squeezebox to run as a daemon (background service). All squeezeslave options can be listed with  squeezeslave --help
Now, run squeezeslave
And go to http://[raspi IP or hostname]:9000 or use Android/iOS application to play your favourite music.
taken from http://raspberry-at-home.com/squeezeslave/

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