Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Raspberry PI IRC Bouncer

Raspberry pi ZNC IRC bouncer.

Stay connected on your favorite IRC channels. And playback the chat when you are back online.
sudo apt-get update
[ENTER]sudo apt-get install znc[ENTER]znc --makeconf[ENTER]

This is my setup , change it if you want to.
Port 1025
SSL Yes/No?: noipv6? noListen host? Just hit the enter keyPartyline? no(Partyline is like a small internal IRC network inside your bouncer.)
It allows any user connected to your bouncer to chat with other users. 
This is a global module. The etymology of this module's name stems from the historical arrangement in telephony referred to as a party line.
module webadmin: yesZNC username:Usernamepassword: Passworduser as admin? yes
Nickname on irc: NicknameAlternative nick: Nickname1Ident: Nickname2Real Name: Realname :)Bind host, of buffer: 100 lineskeep buffer after replay? noDefault channel modes: Hit enterLoad module admin? yesLoad module chansaver? yeskeepnick: yeskickrejoin: yesnickserv? yesperform: yessimple_away: yes

IRC server (Hosy only) : irc.freenode.net (pick your own server)
port: 6667 (pick the port with the server)password: No passwordSSL: no
Would you like to add another irc network? noAutomatically join? yesChannelname: #(channelname)Yould you like to add another channel? no
Would you like to set up another user (e.g. for connecting to another network)? (yes/no): NO


To start the ZNC bouncer server, type: 
Stop ZNC bouncer?
killall znc

Now you can acces the Bouncer webpanel: http://raspberrypiIP:1025/

login with your username/password
Znc config file path: /home/username/.znc/configs/znc.conf
if you want edit some thing manually (stop znc server first!)

Connecting to your bouncer is different per chat program:
But it's something like
/server zndserverip 1025 username:password
/quote PASS username:password (this is for Xchat)

After a reboot, ZNC wont automatic start. I made a cronjob to start ZNC automaticly.

There are other ways to start it on boot (Init script) but cornjob is 2 seconds work, and so easy!

crontab -e

On the bottom of the cronjob file, add "@reboot znc". Save the file. Done!

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