Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Raspberry Pi Cam to MMS or Email or Tweet


Install this script on your Pi with Picam and portforward your http port.
enter the details in the settings on your textlocal inbox.
once you have set it up
send a text to your inbox with either "MMS" or "email" or "tweet" and you will get an image back!
I have used apache for this and setup postfix to send the email.
Does require a Textlocal account.
Contact me if you need to use a different providers API.
Click here to go to the github - https://github.com/txt3rob/PiCam-image-requester


// Textlocal account details
$txtusername = '';  // Your textlocal username/email
$hash = '';   // Your Textlocal API hash
$keyword = ''; // Your Inbox Keyword ensure you add a space

// MMS Message details
$mmsmessage = "Your Requested Image";  // MMS message with pic
$sender = 'Pi Cam';  // Sender ID
$test = "TRUE";  // Set to FALSE to send the MMS true is set to test it's working

//Authorised Numbers array
$auth = array('447741256987');  // add your number or any other numbers here to allow them to use the service

//Twitter Config
// Get your details from http://dev.twitter.com
$consumer_key = '';  
$consumer_secret = '';
$access_token = '';
$access_token_secret = '';
$tweetstatus = '';

//Email Config
$efrom = "PI CAM <FROM EMAIL ADDRESS>";  // Sender email address 
$eto = "Email test <TOEMAILADDRESS>"; // email address to send all pics to
$subject = "Pi Cam"; // Email subject

Run the following command as root
sudo echo "www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
This repo includes codebird - https://github.com/jublonet/codebird-php
Hopefully all is clear for you to set this up.
Any help or donations send to txt3rob@gmail.com

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