Sunday, 15 November 2015

Processing for Raspberry Pi

You know Processing? It is the programming language and IDE aimed at the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities. [Gottfried Haider] recently got Processing working on the Raspberry Pi and included a hardware input/output library to manipulate the Pi’s I/O pins.

If you want to experiment with Processing, you can download it right on your Pi with the following command:

curl | sudo sh

You can also download it from the download page. There’s a specific tutorial available or you can watch some general videos on Processing (see below).

[Ben Fry] and [Casey Reas] started Processing in the spring of 2001, while both were graduate students at the MIT Media Lab within John Maeda’s Aesthetics and Computation research group. It has proven popular as a first programming language, particularly for art classes.

There are many places you can download Processing sketches online. Presumably some Raspberry Pi-specific sketches will appear soon. We’ve seen Processing a few times in the past, but having it available on the Pi opens up a lot of opportunity if you want to use Processing or want to introduce students to the Pi with it.

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