Friday, 13 June 2014

DLINK NAS - Free SMS notifications UKONLY

  • Register at and get your hash.
  • Log into the NAS Web UI (i.e. enter the DNS-345 IP address in a browser)
  • Navigate to Management > System Management > Notifications
  • Expand SMS Settings
  • Check the Enable SMS Notifications checkbox
  • Click Add next to SMS service provider
  • Welcome: Click Next
  • Step 1: Enter a name of your choice in Provider Name and copy the following URL into the SMS URLtextarea: ever your hash is
  • Click Next
  • Step 2: Next to each URL variable, select the following options from the appropriate dropdown menus:
    • user=Username = Username
    • password=Password = Password
    • api_id=Other = Other
    • to=Phone_number = Phone number
    • text=Message_content = Message content
  • Click on Finish
  • Enter your mobile phone number into the field next to Phone number1((to)).
  • Click Test SMS and the NAS will display an affirmation message if the settings are correct and you will receive an SMS
  • Click Save Settings

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